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If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve Aston's environmental performance, have a query or just want more information, please get in touch with the Energy, Environment and Sustainability Team on: environment@aston.ac.uk We would love to hear from you! 

We are also on Facebook (GreenAstonUni) and Twittter (@GreenAstonUni)

The work of the team is guided by the Environmental Policy and the Sustainable Aston Working Group.  


Lynnette Jones

Environment and Sustainability Manager 

Lynnette has a background in environment and sustainability in both the public and voluntary sectors.  Areas of responsibility include environmental management systems, waste management policy and promotion, sustainable transport, green procurement, supporting a biodiverse campus, education for sustainable development and staff and student engagement. 

Sara Wilkes

Energy, Environment and Sustainability Assistant 

The most recent addition to the team, Sara, joined in February 2014 as the Energy, Environmental and Sustainability Assistant. Her role is to get staff and students involved in sustainability on campus: energy saving, recycling, sustainable travel are just a few examples. She helps co-ordinate projects such as Student Switch Off, Go Green Champions and Grow Aston.
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Andrew Bryers

Energy Manager

Andrew started this role in October 2010, having previously worked in similar roles within the Higher Education and County Council sectors.  Andrew works closely with the Engineering Team and the Environment Team to manage the University’s high energy use, looking for ways to be more efficient and reduce carbon emissions to meet key government targets.

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