N5 Nov'12 update

User Avatar Tim Hooton 07/11/2012 12:02:27
Dogpool lane bridge now demolished and temporary footbridge in use - more at http://sellyparksouth.org.uk/

I have copies of a leaflet being handed out in Cannon Hill park today about lines and shared signage for cycleroute if anyone needs a copy.

AstBUG will be represented at evidence gathering session for the City Council Action Planning for Urban Mobility Inquiry (Cycling & Canals) taking place this Friday (9th

Hopefully we will have a Wordpress blog soon...!
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  • At 22:01 on 10/06/2013,
    Tim Hooton wrote:
    OK, so Easysite got a makeover before we got a new blog. Lets see how we go with this now that Dogpool lane has reopened with new bridge and Toucan crossing

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