Summer update

User Avatar Tim Hooton 03/09/2012 15:56:33

Dear all,

                Hope you managed to get some fair weather cycling in over the summer.

The AstBUG changing facilities now have repaired showers, and we are planning to double the number of lockers by replacing some of the larger ones with half height alternatives.

If you have any items(or locks) in the lockers please remove them this week so we can swap them ASAP.

The next bike sale and green travel event will be on Tuesday 25th September from 14:30 in G8. We will also be updating the loan cycle form and reporting.

Please check the AstBUG blog for more details and follow-up comments.


PS. Rea route still has detour at DogPool Lane, and roadwork hazards on the cyclepath before Gooch St. crossing.

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