EastSide & routes south to Rea Valley

User Avatar Daniel Blyden 01/06/2012 15:18:42
Work is progressing on EastSide City Park, and work began in August 2011 and is due to be completed by December 2012.
The signed cycle route from Meriden St. is blocked by development works and BCC cycling officer is trying to get some new signage via the top of Fazeley St. to the Jennens Road Toucan crossing.The Curzon St. pathway will also be closed until 30th May. Boots/Carrs Lane: New contra flow planned from Old Square on left hand side - 'mid-August 2012'.
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  • At 14:16 on 15/06/2012,
    Tim Hooton wrote:
    The Olympic Torch will run down the Bristol Road, turn down Priory Road and enter into Cannon Hill Park at approximately 8pm on Sat. 30th
  • At 14:04 on 15/06/2012,
    Tim Hooton wrote:
    Cannon Hill and N5 Rea Valley route diversions for Olympic Torch events. Closed Sat. 30th June.

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