European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI)

EBRI Concept Drawing

The proposal is in respect of the creation and construction of the European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) building to support the University Centre of Excellence in bioenergy, providing new laboratory research facilities and a new facility designed to extract energy from low-grade bio-wastes (such as those from agricultural or forestry activity).

EBRI is a unique pan-European centre of excellence in bioenergy.  This Centre of Excellence will carry out world class research into all aspects of bioenergy from fundamental research to the deployment of innovative technologies working closely with industry, advising industry, advising governments and the European Union.

The benefits of the facility will:

  • Put Birmingham on the global map as a city taking the lead in the green energy agenda

  • Create possible cost savings to regional and local authorities through the accelerated use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) schemes facilitated by the Institute’s test facilities

  • Support existing regional Technology initiatives, including Science City and specific cluster related activity, that will in turn accelerate technology development and enhance related commercialisation prospects

  • Raise Aston University’s international reputation as a Researcher and Innovator in this area

  • Provide a unique centre for world class fundamental and applied research in bioenergy

  • Create a European network in bioenergy

  • Provide a centre for local, national and international industry to test processes and products backed up by state of the art analytical, experimental and consultancy facilities

  • Provide educational training courses in cooperation with the regional and national academic partner departments

This development is part of an overall Estates & Capital Developments master plan that seeks to bring back into use key buildings on the campus as part of a continual improvement of the Estate and its immediate surroundings.

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