Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism

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What is the Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism?

The Certificate is a Continued Professional Development
(CPD) programme supporting existing and new members of the UK nuclear industry workforce.

It is being designed in partnership with nuclear employers to ensure that the content and structure of the framework that supports the Certificate is specified by them and delivered by a mix of employer and higher education partners.

Aston Business School is supporting four of the seven modules that make up the full certificate.

Aston Business School Modules

We are supporting four Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism modules. Each module costs £995 plus accommodation.

For more information on each one, click the relevant link:

Participants can select individual modules or any combination of the four. 

Who is the programme for?

This CPD programme is suited to:
  • New graduates
  • New entrants to the nuclear sector
  • Up-skilling existing workforce to support continuing professional development and career development and/or transition planning.

What will I gain from the programme?

The Certificate:
  • Provides portability of employment as a result of national standards and recognition.
  • Ensures you remain competitive in a changing labour market.
  • Will enable you to gain new qualifications, rewarding and accrediting the time spent on skills development.
  • Supports progression to chartered status and national recognition by the Nuclear Institute.
  • Gives you the ability to demonstrate the right skills to be a nuclear professional.


For more information contact Terry Hodgetts at Aston Business School on 0121 204 3729 or email t.hodgetts@aston.ac.uk

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