Fairtrade at Aston


Aston University is committed to Fairtrade and has been a Fairtrade University since 2007. Details of how we support and promote Fairtrade are outlined in our Fairtrade policy.

Being a Fairtrade University means that we have made a commitment to supporting and using Fairtrade. 

We ensure that Fairtrade products are available in as many places as possible on campus.

We also work hard to raise awareness of Fairtrade and the benefits that it brings to producers in developing countries with students and staff.


As part of our Fairtrade status, we arrange different events throughout the year to promote Fairtrade. 

The annual wine tasting event is a very popular event with Aston staff! Please see details below of the event coming up in December:


Contact us

For more information please contact the Chair of the Fairtrade Steering Group:


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